Exhibition Cycles of Life

From the smallest microbe to the biggest animal on earth – the Antarctic blue whale – we all experience the cycle of life from birththrough to death. Shakespeare wrote about the 7 ages of man – the infant, the schoolboy, the lover, the soldier, the justice, the pantaloon and old age.

The rhythm of life has a powerful beat so we invited CGS members and glass artists to show us their journey through the natural world. Even their glass pieces go through a cycle of creation!

37 Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) Members took up the invitation – and here we show you what they produced!

From 6th May, 2024

Contemporary Glass Society

United Kingdom

 Exhibition Spring Awaits......

The Contemporary Glass Society present the exhibition Spring Awaits...

A new year is upon us and we can start to look forward to those longer days, light breezes and sunny days of Spring.

Spring – a word that conjures up gambolling lambs, crocuses breaking through the earth, trees dressed in greenery so bright it almost dazzles the eye and a gentle rise in temperature. Brightening up the gloomy months of winter.

From 18 of january, 2024

Contemporary Glass Society

United Kingdom

 Exhibition Creativity, Fusion and Passion

“Creativity, Fusion and Passion” represents the visual testimony of the powerful union between creativity, technique and passion that are manifested in the glass works of art presented in this exhibition.

Each of these creations reflects the ingenuity and artistry of 48 artists from 17 countries, whose unique perspectives have resulted in a diverse and fascinating collection. From fragility to solidity, from transparency to opacity, each piece is presented as a window to the wealth of possibilities that glass offers.

The transparency of glass allows light to penetrate and play with shapes and colors, creating effects that change with every movement and observation. 

From 1 at 26 of september, 2023

Studio Hotel Boutique

Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica

 Exhibition REFLEJADAS

Five women from Uruguay already traveled Spain to participate in a congress of women in the glass.

Inspired by experience, they created the exposition
" R E F L E J A D A S ", showing fluency and the transformation of the glass into its creations and celebrating talent feminine in art and science.

From 6 at 16 of june, 2023

Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño

Montevideo, Uruguay


Art, crafts and design by the hand of its creators and professionals. Montevideo, Uruguay opens the door to a selection of artistic glass workshops.

On the tour of these creative spaces there will be activities proposed by the artists participating in the event: talks, demos and workshops that offer us to participate in the local artistic fabric. These events vary in schedules, they are with limited space and it is with prior reservation.

On Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of April there will be different proposals to visit. We recommend that you contact the workshops you want to visit to reserve your place.

Open Workshops – FREE ACTIVITY (reduced quotas)

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2023
4 pm – Explanatory talk about the inspiration and techniques of the works that will be exhibited.


 Exhibition CAMINOS

Caminos is an exhibition that invites us on a journey through the world of glass art, from Altman's point of view and inspiration.

Her artworks are usually inspired by the universe and nature, appeal to different forms and textures in a context in which different tones and nuances complement each other to produce unique pieces.

We can notice in her works the presence of geometric and abstract forms, which come together in her own style, as eclectic as it is avant-garde.

First International Biennial of Glass Art of Ibero-America

First International Biennial of Glass Art of Ibero-America, Cartago, Costa Rica, 2022.

Within the framework of the International Year of Glass, decreed by the UN, the FIRST INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF GLASS IN IBEROAMERICA - Cartago, Costa Rica, is held, where artistic exhibitions, conferences and various activities will be held in tribute to glass.

It will be an unforgettable party and will mark a milestone in the history of artistic glass.

We look forward to seeing you from August 28 to October 23, 2022, at the Museo Municipal de Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica.

Ibero-American Congress of Women

Ibero-American Congress of Women, Artists and Scientists, Alcorcón, Spain, 2022.

The year 2022 is the International Year of Glass and the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Museum of Glass Art of Alcorcón-MAVA.

Uniting both events, this Ibero-American Congress was organized around women in glass, artists and scientists, whose objective is to establish bridges between professional women who work in glass, listen to experiences in which ingenuity makes up for the lack of inputs, provide tools to improve work and facilitate the conjunction between both worlds (art and science), which he believes are so far away but are not so far.