Janine Altman was born in Uruguay. Studied painting, jewellery, engraving and fused glass as a child. She studied Systems Engineering at Engineering University in Montevideo, Uruguay. Then she felt the need to go back to the art world, which is why in 2002 created her atelier to start an artistic journey of experimentation and discovery within this fantastic world of glass.

Altman works with glass using several techniques, such as, Fusing Glass, Flameworking, Casting and Pate de Verre. Moreover, she developed a new technique based on Pate de Verre which she named Openwork Glass. Briefly, it consists of units of glass joined by metal threads. 

Her artworks are usually inspired by the universe and nature, appeal to different forms and textures in a context in which different tones and nuances complement each other to produce unique pieces. We can notice in her works the presence of geometric and abstract forms, which come together in her own style, as eclectic as it is avant-garde.

The study of Nature shows us that there is a natural order governed by laws, these laws and forces of nature are also a source of inspiration for her. With which, lately she is experimenting and investigating within the area of ​​physics, especially, the movement of objects, dynamics and electromagnetism, using these concepts in her works, achieving that the works present a connection in a figurative and literal sense between the physics and art. Many of her works result from the recycling of glass from broken or disused objects, as a way of collaborating with the environment care. Either using it alone or combined with other glasses.

She has participated in numerous national and international fairs, exhibitions and participated in art auctions, such as The Glass Auction & Gala at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, in 2017 and 2019. Also committed to the community, she carries out artistic activities in support of various organizations and foundations.

Her artwork is part of museums and institutions, such as the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia (USA); MAVA, Museum of Glass Art of Alcorcón (Spain); Integral School of Montevideo (Uruguay) and the NCI Institution in Montevideo (Uruguay). And in private collections in several countries such as Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Spain, France, England, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Public collections at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia (USA); MAVA, Alcorcón Glass Art Museum (Spain); Escuela Integral de Montevideo (Uruguay) and the NCI Institution in Montevideo (Uruguay).

Her artworks can be found in art galleries in Montevideo, Punta del Este and London. Director of the ACCS Visual Arts Gallery in Montevideo, Uruguay. She teaches courses, workshops and seminars.